DAMM TetraFlex® system have been implemented by Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to support the company’s entire Western Australia mining and rail transportation operation.

Installations delivered for FMG include Port Hedland, Christmas Creek Mine, Solomon Mine and the company’s rail operations, all in one network.

FMG is one of the world’s largest iron ore mining and export companies, and also runs its own railway leading to Port Hedland. In mining, rail and port applications, TetraFlex® has proved itself to be cost-effective and outstandingly reliable.

The TetraFlex® Outdoor Base Station offers extremely low power consumption, and with the IP65-encapsulation, it eliminates the needs for air-conditioned housing. It is ideal for tower mounting in harsh environments, and the extremely low power consumption means it can easily run on solar power saving costs every day.

Offering full redundancy and intelligent distributed architecture, TetraFlex® provides operation-critical communications to support the company’s daily business and worker safety.

FMG’s rail and mining infrastructure benefits significantly from this distributed architecture. The company’s rail network includes the main 300km route, as well as a 130km branch line. There are 25 nodes in the rail corridor alone and, thanks to the low power consumption, many of them are run on solar power.

The total FMG solution connects all areas of its mining, rail and even port operations in a single network. As well as extremely stable and clear voice communication, the company’s employees also benefit from reliable data communication. This enables many routine tasks to be carried out in the field, improving efficiency and productivity.

The TetraFlex® solution for FMG is only one among hundreds of successful projects that have proved the durability and cost-effectiveness of DAMM solutions under the toughest working conditions.

TetraFlex is 100% IP-based, and comes complete with outdoor or indoor base stations and comprehensive features, as well as integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording, and full dispatch applications. An open API enables seamless integration into third-party systems. D

AMM offers high-capacity, rack-based indoor base stations and rugged, compact IP65-encapsulated outdoor base stations that can be installed in any combination.

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