Flat Battery Start Unit

intreXis AG has designed a new and innovative flat battery start unit, which is powered by the contact-line. The design of the converter is based on an innovative concept with Silicon-Carbide Schottky-diodes (SiC).

High voltage power-supplies powered by the contact-line experience high energy surges, which cannot be absorbed with traditional techniques like varistors or transzorbs.

An innovative, active Surgelimiter with outstanding advantages is implemented in the converter.

The unit has the following outstanding features:

  • Wide input voltage range: continuous operation from 400-1,100VDC (wider than required by the EN50163-standard)
  • High efficiency: 89-90% over the entire input-voltage-range.
  • Very low dissipation and low component stress during standby-mode: Less than 1.5W @ 750VDC input voltage.
  • Active Surgelimiter withstands 3kV for 20ms and 4.5kV falling to 2.25kV for 1ms (According to UIC 550, more rugged than required by the EN50124-2-standard)
  • Very low impact on the efficiency during normal operation (power dissipation approximately 1W @ Vin=750VDC and Pout=250W, 0.5W @ Vin=750VDC and Pout=0W)
  • Ambient temperature class: Tx (-40°C.. 85°C, according EN50155)
  • Vibration and shock according EN61373, cat.1, class B
  • Partial discharge test according to EN50207
  • Small and light design: weight of the unit only 1.2kg.