Whether in the bogie of the locomotives or carriages, in heating or air-conditioning systems, or in the interior trim, ContiTech develops solutions that not only are durable and robust but also ensure maximum safety through compliance with specifications, such as European fire protection standard EN 45545.

To develop these solutions, ContiTech leverages the synergy effects of the Continental Corporation, building on the knowhow of all the business divisions. ContiTech showcased its wide-ranging product portfolio with new developments at Innotrans 2016.

ContiTech unveiled a complete suspension system for use in the secondary spring stage that meets the specifications of European standard EN 45545 at the very highest safety level, "Hazard Level 3" (HL3).

Among other things, ContiTech will unveil a complete suspension system for use in the secondary spring stage that meets the specifications of European standard EN 45545 at the very highest safety level, "Hazard Level 3" (HL3). Installed in rail vehicles, it enhances comfort and safety in subway trains, trams, and high-speed trains. The new development comprises an air bellows and a conical spring.

ContiTech has also developed a protective sleeve, which can be used to retrofit metal-rubber springs to ensure compliance with fire protection regulations. All components have been individually certified and undergone successful endurance testing. Measurements for the characteristic spring curve have also been conducted.

The key to this success is ContiTech’s comprehensive material and development expertise. "For each of the three components, we have developed a new compound that enables us to meet the relevant requirements without compromising on consistently excellent product characteristics," says Olaf Philipp, head of rail business at ContiTech Air Spring Systems.

ContiTech air actuators set new standards

ContiTech took another giant leap forward with air actuators for use in pantographs. The recently developed air actuator is manufactured using an ultra-fire-resistant material and meets the strict requirements of the new European fire protection standard EN 45545 at the very highest safety level, "Hazard Level 3" (HL3). "With this development step, we are setting new standards in the industry. We have never before seen a comparable product that meets these requirements," says Manuel Mosich, product developer at ContiTech Industrial Application.

Installed in pantographs, ContiTech air actuators act as a central pneumatic drive element and generate a constant contact pressure between the grinding strip and overhead line. Not only do they ensure the safe transmission of electricity but they are also extremely reliable and easy to maintain. When developing this new solution, ContiTech built on the knowhow of the Continental Corporation and leveraged the necessary synergy effects.

High-performance hoses for modern rail transport

Whether for oil, compressed air, or potable water, ContiTech helps make rail transportation safer with a comprehensive selection of powerful railway hoses. The hoses are made from high-quality, state-of-the-art rubber compounds and are subject to strict quality controls. They offer outstanding flexibility, reliability, and durability, are easy to handle, and fulfil the latest fire-protection­ requirements.

As a partner of the international rail industry, ContiTech also provides customised solutions such as Aquapal DB. The potable water hose was customised in line with the requirements of Deutsche Bahn, who approved it for use as a potable water hose. It is approved in accordance with the guidelines for plastics used for drinking water, ‘Rohre’ ("Pipes"), and DVGW W270, and has been tested in accordance with the new European fire protection standard EN 45545-2.

Robust folding bellows materials for rail vehicles

In railway transportation, folding bellows materials are subject to extremely strict requirements. As a flexible transition system between individual cars, they are constantly in motion. In addition, they have to withstand the impact of stones, UV rays, rain, and snow.

For ContiTech, this goes without saying. "Our folding bellows materials meet extremely tough requirements – including when it comes to fire protection," says Rodrigo Maia, head of the Engineered Coated Systems segment at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. As such, ContiTech’s folding bellows materials have been tested in accordance with the European standard EN 45545-2. The materials are available in thicknesses of 0.8 to 3.0 mm, in different material designs such as CSM or silicone rubber, and in a range of different colours.