The new SABIX Ultra series of cable have a myriad of beneficial characteristics for various applications; these features are outlined below. Due to the new sheath material, the cable can be used for flexible applications and shows the highest fire protection features, such as EN 60332-3 Cat C or D respectively the French standard NF C 32-070 C 1.

The cables are used, for example, as festoon cable for polar cranes in nuclear power plants. In rail technology, these cables are used as a sensor cable at the vehicle chassis or as a flexible control cable for the train doors. Due to the very good oil and weather resistance use in marine and offshore applications are also recommended. The new SABIX Ultra material can even be used for cable chain applications with moderate mechanical stress.

So far the following types are available:
SABIX SD 705 FRNC C1 (data cable), SABIX SD 715 C FRNC C1 (data cable with overall copper screen), SABIX SD 745 C FRNC C1 TP (paired data cable with overall copper screen), SABIX S 710 FRNC C1 (control cable 0,6/1 kV) und SABIX S 712 C FRNC C1 (control cable 0,6/1 kV with overall copper screen).

EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3 Cat C or D, IEC 60754-1 (halogen-free), IEC 60754-2 + EN 50267-2-2 (corrosivity of gases), EN 61034 (smoke density), NF C 32-70 C1 (fire performance acc. to French standard), NF X 70-100 (toxicity acc. to French standard).