Railweight claims to have developed an in-line train weighing system that is the fastest to fit in the market with an OIML International Certificate of Conformity and accuracy up to Class 0.5. Streamline is installed directly onto the track without the need to cut or weld rails and will weigh trains travelling at up to 25km/h.

The system uses patented ‘twin strip technology’ weighing transducers that can ignore horizontal and torsional deflections; this means that it only measures the vertical forces of the train wheels. The system is also unaffected by dimensional imperfections in the fixing method or the rail itself.

Up to four pairs of transducers can be installed. These are connected to a weight processor which can also integrate into automatic vehicle identification (AVI) systems for a fully un-manned operation.

Streamline can measure the weight of wagons, bogies, axles or even individual wheels so it can help identify uneven and ove

for safety. It will determine gross, tare and net weights at the speeds allowed in shunting yards and sidings, so the process does not interfere with ongoing operations.

General manager of Railweight, Paul Hines says: "Railweight is well known for its dynamic train weighing capability. We have developed the Streamline system to provide a more cost-effective, fast fit solution to complement our high accuracy Weighline system that weighs trains travelling at up to 80km/h. Streamline fills a much needed gap in the market for customers who need a competitively priced solution to weigh their trains without the need for the higher accuracies.

Streamline contains no moving parts so the system needs minimal maintenance. The system conforms to OIML R60 and R106 requirements and meets international environmental standards.