Fan-assisted Heater CSF028

The STEGO Fan-assisted Heater CSF028 is similar to the heater cube CSL028, but has several new and innovative features.

It is available in heating capacities of 250W and 400W. The purpose of the compact fan heater series CSF028 is to maintain even temperatures in enclosures with electrical or electronic components. This prevents condensation or frost, which in turn can result in malfunctions.

The touch-safe plastic housing and the unusual small dimensions of this heater makes it an ideal solution for use in enclosures with a high density. The fan heater CSF028 is equipped with a pre-set thermostat. It can easily be connected via dual pressure clamps.

Two different mounting options, either a din-rail version or a version with screw flange fixing, are available. The screw flange fixing is a very stable method for mounting the heater in applications with heavy vibrations.