The 2016 edition of the European Maximo Rail summit was hosted by the Dutch Railways (NS) in Utrecht on 20-21 of June. The location of the event was the NS Trefpunt, a recreated railway station including train units inside the headquarters.

Numerous rail and rolling stock companies from around the world were present to talk about the latest developments in asset management. There were 20 nationalities present at the event amongst which our Slovenian and Chinese clients.

During these two days’ rail and rolling stock companies, consulting companies and solution providers presented and discussed new challenges and the latest developments in the industry.

One of the main topics in the industry is internet of things. Operators are looking for ways to take advantage of the increasing amount of data they collect from their assets to maximise the value of their assets.

On this theme we presented one of our solutions to aggregate and display information to support (automated) decisions, such as work order allocation based on train routes and available maintenance capacity. Taking advantage of not only the increasing amount of data but also real-time data.

In cooperation with NedTrain we planned an on-site visit exclusively for our clients, Flytoget, Shentong Bombardier, Siemens and Slovenian Railways to do guided tour through the maintenance and refurbishment location of NedTrain.

We would like to thank the NS for their hospitality and our clients for their commitment to join us at this event.