Erlau Outdoor Furniture Advantages

Erlau AG founded in 1828 in Aalen, is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture (open space equipment). Erlau is a subsidiary company of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG who produces top quality chain systems and components.

The Erlau range provides a great deal of advantages to the customer, as listed below:

  • Leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture offering extensive collection
  • Range consists of benches, seating systems, litter bins, bicycle parking to name a few
  • Offers functionality, design combined with versatility and durability
  • Suits environments from city centres, public realms to schools, parks and playgrounds to transport and many more
  • All Erlau furniture is IS0 9001certified & can withstand toughest environmental conditions
  • Optional anti-graffiti coating offering permanent protection plus 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee
  • Seating furniture is whirl-sintered providing a thermal insulation effect, ensuring a high level of comfort during the summer and winter
  • Range is powder-coated with Rilsan guarantees a high level of durability and insulation, meaning furniture never warms up in excess of 42˚C (108˚F) a great advantage compared to benches made of wood, stone or pure metal
  • Easy to clean, reduced dirt accumulation due to the smooth rilsan finish
  • Outdoor furniture range can be tailored to meet needs of seniors, children and disabled
  • Standard and custom designs possible depending on project requirements