Noise reduction graph

ELPA will be taking part in the 13th international ‘BETTER CITIES FOR BETTER LIFE’ conference, taking place in Prague, 12-13 May 2014, and will introduce its proven and efficient technology against environmental burden (railway noise).

In the past marshalling yards were located outside cities and therefore the inhabitants were not exposed to the high frequency noise (squealing), but an increase in population growth in towns has led to the fact that local people are now living in their direct vicinity. These people are exposed to high levels of noise (over 130dBA), which have a very negative impact on their health.

Luckily for residents living in the vicinity of shunting railway stations, ELPA has developed a highly efficient system against high frequency braking noise – BREMEX ANNSYS.

The BREMEX ANNSYS anti-noise system has been especially developed for reduction of the braking noise of rail brakes at a marshalling yard, sourcing from the process of shunting – braking of waggons. This squealing during the braking process can be almost completely removed with the BREMEX ANNSYS system, leading to a reduction of common noise by 30dBA. Because decibel is a logarithmic unit, reduction by 30dBA is an enormous value.

The BREMEX ANNSYS system can also enable effective economical benefit with protection against wear of rail braking segments, wagon flanks, switches, check (contra) rails, etc., which means less maintenance cost due to the increase of their life span – not to mention that the price of real estate in the vicinity of marshalling yards increases.

ELPA’s portfolio also includes technology and other efficient systems for the prevention of noise in burdened living areas, which will also be presented at the conference.

ELPA representatives will be at the Prague conference to tell you more about the BREMEX ANNSYS and other technology. For further information please contact ELPA.