Whether metro or passenger trains, rail transport in Scandinavia is growing steadily. ContiTech Railway Engineering also has its sights on the expanding needs of this growth market.

With its long-standing competence in materials and development, the company is presenting sustainable product solutions of the future under the ‘Engineering Next Level’ banner at Elmia Nordic Rail in Jönköping (hall B3, stand 30). The best example of the company’s materials expertise is the K air spring. It has been developed for use in extremely cold areas of application and can cope with temperatures as low as -50°C.

The rubber compound for the inner layer has a crystal transition temperature of almost -60°C, while the compound for the external layer stands out with its particularly high abrasion resistance and high resistance to the effects of ozone, UV rays, and other media. Brittleness tests result in no crystallization at temperatures as low as -50°C. In the wear behavior test, the material proved to have double the resistance of chloroprene, which is currently used. "Laboratory tests have confirmed that in the development of the extremely cold-resistant air spring, a good compromise was achieved between changes in properties and adapting to the environmental requirements," says Olaf Philipp, head of ContiTech Railway Engineering.

In Hanover, Germany, the company operates the world’s only accredited testing lab for air spring systems for rail vehicles, thus underscoring its quality standards. Twelve testing procedures that are important to the rail industry have DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 certification. With ISO 9001, TS 16949 and IRIS certification, the testing lab has been meeting the most exacting requirements for years.

Global partner network ensures fast service

ContiTech Air Spring Systems is not just a partner to the leading original equipment manufacturers, but also offers air spring systems for the after-sales market. In this regard, the company stands out for its excellent quality and high level of safety, as it produces exclusively in accordance with the specifications of the OEMs. So, the customer gets only original quality, on which it can rely.

With a global partner network, ContiTech also ensures fast service and an optimum train availability rate for its customers. The company benefits from global networking in 37 countries worldwide. "Through our international partners, we can guarantee our customers high quality and availability, as well as the ability to make long-term plans and rapid implementation," reports Andreas Haß, sales manager at ContiTech Railway Engineering. "They enable ContiTech to take action quickly all around the world."