Sqills, the Dutch provider of sales and distribution software for the rail and bus industry, has started implementing its sales and distribution suite S3 PASSENGER for OUIGO in cooperation with iDTGV (SNCF subsidiaries) to go into production at the end of 2017. OUIGO will be the third SNCF operator using the S3 Passenger platform.

"This latest S3 Passenger implementation contract marks the ongoing SNCF interest in our product leading rail and bus sales and distribution suite following the successful IZY and OUIBUS implementations in 2016", says Alexander Mul, Sqills Board Member.

He added: "We will continue investing heavily in our product roadmap releasing new features every six weeks period, to strengthen our leading position, support our customers and attract new customers."

Pierre Matuchet, Directeur Marketing et Systemes d’Information SNCF Voyages, commented: "In view of our ambitious plans for OUIGO, there was an immediate need for a robust and state of the art sales and distribution platform to replace our existing software.

"S3 Passenger has successfully met the needs of OUIBUS and IZY, and we are confident that the partnership with Sqills will result in a successful implementation for OUIGO this year as well".

SNCF’s subsidiary iDTGV being in charge of all OUIGO IT has been assigned to deliver OUIGO’s new sales and distribution platform. Fabrice Flottes de Pouzols, CIO/CDO of iDTGV and OUIGO, commented: "As OUIGO’s IT Team, iDTGV will be heading the project team together with OUIGO’s business representatives and Sqills S3 Passenger rail experts.

"iDTGV has selected Sqills’ S3 Passenger meeting all the requirements for the OUIGO offer, positive experiences by other system users, proven out of the box functionality, time to market, financial license model and the Sqills team’s extreme reactivity to deliver new functionalities!"

Wouter Cassee, Sqills Board Member, said: "More and more public transport operators around the globe are realising that existing sales and distribution platforms do no longer meet modern mission critical needs such as flexibility, cost per transaction, customer centricity and robustness due to increased online transaction volumes.

"SNCF has moved fast, adopting to changing market circumstances by replacing dated legacy systems. Other operators around the world follow SNCF’s leading example rapidly, our outlook for 2017 and beyond is very positive."