Transurb Technirail has been selected by Vecturis through international competitive bidding to provide the rail division of the Angola Exploration Mining Resources (AEMR) with a locomotive driving simulator to assist the future mining train drivers operating on the CFM network (Angola).

Vecturis, is currently providing technical assistance to AEMR, to manage its rail division. Angola will invest in new heavy haul rolling stock equipments. Consequently, they want to ensure safe and secure driving in a short period of time on a 512km-long line.

Angola insists for particular attention to unusual driving situations, failures and weather conditions like heavy rainfall and very high density of humidity or very high dust contamination, but also the difficult track profiles in a hilly part of the country (0 to altitude 1,900m on less than 14km – slope 3%).

More importantly, the simulation solution promotes the training of eco-driving techniques which will decrease future fuel consumption.

In 2013, Transurb Technirail will supply, deliver and install a tailor-made full driving training unit designed for heavy haul Rolling Stock including:

  • One full mock-up cab including the controls and indicators to simulate the new diesel rolling stock
  • One ergonomic instructor station for controlling the full cab simulator
  • One observer station to visualise and monitor the simulator status
  • Four students workstations for self-study including predefined scenarios
  • The complete train simulation model including a realistic 3D track representation

With its recent experience with 200km of relevant route for simulators in Norway and deep experience in the modelization of train behaviour, Transurb Technirail will easily meet the in-situ requirements of this project. The simulator will provide trainees the greatest possible immersion with an exact replica of at least 100km of their on-the-job environment.

It will emphasize particular critical driving zones and will allow testing multiple train configurations and multiple scenarios. The solution is conceived so that trainees can start with self-study and observation. The full mock-up cab then allows practicing, demonstrating and certifying the new competences under little supervision. Transurb Technirail has no doubt this solution will serve the major goals: optimise human performance potential and maximise on track security.