The new electrical grounding hinge (EGH) from Multi-Contact makes grounding strips on switchgear cabinet doors a thing of the past.

The new EGH from Multi-Contact is the world’s first switchgear cabinet hinge with built-in ground connection. The main highlight of this new product is that the Swiss connection specialists have positioned the electrical grounding within the body of the hinge. The result is a hinge that acts both as a mechanical joint between the switchgear cabinet and the door, and as a reliable ground connection.

One flat MULTILAM connects the bottom section of the hinge and the switchgear cabinet and one connects the top section of the hinge to the door. A 6mm pin provides the joint connection between the top and bottom sections of the hinge. A cylindrical MULTILAM establishes the conductive connection. Separate grounding strips are no longer necessary, which also eliminates all of the risks associated with forgetting to attach grounding strips or attaching them incorrectly. The EMC properties of the electrical grounding hinge also exceed those of conventional systems with grounding strips.

The electrical grounding hinge fulfils all the requirements for the IP66 degree of protection and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. A flat seal between the door and the cabinet and an O-ring on the hinge pin seal the individual connections. The grounding hinge is available for stainless steel or aluminium alloy switchgear cabinet surfaces.

Other versions available on request from the manufacturer.

For more information, please contact Multi-Contact.