Following the successful completion of an order for LED / TFT combined passenger information displays for Line 12 in Mexico City in 2012, Infotec has now been asked to create more of the purpose-built displays for the metro system.

A 4km extension is being added to Line 12 from its western terminus at Mixcoac to an interchange with Line 1 at Observatorio. This will include two new stations for which Infotec has been commissioned to create the passenger information displays by Alstom Canada.

A range of developments and adaptations were made by passenger information display specialist Infotec to fulfil the order for the Mexico City line.

The request was for units that could provide both train running information and full colour video for CCTV and potential advertising. As well as running dual technologies, environmental factors that had to be taken into consideration and accounted for in the designs by Infotec’s engineers included the altitude of Mexico City and the potential for seismic activity.

Average winter temperatures don’t fall below 20degC and in summer 28degC is normal. To prevent over-heating temperature sensors are fitted to both display elements and if these register temperatures above a safety threshold the air-stirring fans Infotec fitted come into operation. As an additional safety measure Infotec diagnostics shut down the displays if a critical temperature be reached.

The displays are designed to interface over a single fibre optic IP link with the train-running and advertising software supplied by Alstom. The PC system controls have been integrated into the diagnostics software which provides the operators with complete control of the display and the ability to view its current status remotely.

Commenting on the new order, Infotec Managing Director Tim Court said: "We are delighted that the solution we originally provided has proved successful and that we have been invited to provide further displays. This underlines confidence in our products and services."

Construction on the extension of Line 12 is expected to start later this year.