Soanar offers high-end power supplies designed specifically for harsh environments. Harsh environments include low temp to -40°C and high temperatures to 70°C, humidity levels to 95%, high levels of particle ingress and vibration.

With our team of experienced design and manufacturing specialists, Soanar provides standard, modified and custom DC/DC converters for any on-board rail vehicle or trackside application.

For over 49 years, Soanar has been supplying and manufacturing power products, we have a strong focus on compliance to relevant safety, environmental and EMC regulations including EN50155, EN50121, IEC60571, SN29500, IEC61373 and more.

With standard output power ratings from 50W to 500W and a wide input voltage range of 43V to 154VDC (which allows these units to be used on-board passenger and locomotive vehicles), our DC/DC converters feature single or dual output voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48VDC.

Soanar’s DC/DC converter offering includes the ability to modify any standard product to your unique requirement. Whether custom input or output connections, input/output voltages, power ratings, signals for monitoring and fault analysis or a complete new design from the ground up, we can do it all. Paired with flexible mounting options such as 19in rack, wall mount and DIN rail, we will mix and match options to suit your needs.

Our ongoing success in the power supply market for rail applications is proof of our commitment to ensure the best service in this field. We believe quality products build trust and hence long-lasting relationships.