DC Airco New Factory

DC Airco is increasing their production capacity with the opening of their new assembly plant. The plant will be certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

This plant is meant to support DC Airco’s growing customer base in Rail, Mining, Telecom, Defence and other markets. Construction started in April 2014, and was complete by November 2014. Production started mid-December.

The state of the art low-carbon footprint facility is equipped with energy saving LED lights. The floors receive waste heat from a nearby biomass power plant.

This investment represents an important step up for the company and shows DC Airco’s continued commitment to its clients. It provides us with the capability to support the growth of our existing and new business partners. As an experienced supplier to industrial clients all over the world, we understand the importance of guaranteed supply continuity.

Over the last few years, the importance of risk management has increased and with this facility we will be in the position to upscale very quickly on customer’s needs. The new facility is located next to the highway to Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam harbour to improve our transport capabilities.