DC Airco has modified its DC9300 air conditioner to provide the DC 9303 400VAC system for rolling stock applications.

The company provides AC and DC-powered heating, venting and cooling air conditioning (HVAC) system for rolling stock, including locomotives, metro and subway rail vehicles, high-speed trains, passenger trains, trams, light rail passenger vehicles, automated people movers, and coaches.

DC Airco supplies highly efficient electric HVAC systems for rolling stock, people movers, locomotives and electric vehicles, as well as custom-made air conditioning offered in 12V, 24V, 48V, 74V, 110V, 230V, and 400V variants.

We assist our customers to achieve the heating, venting and cooling they need. Our low-power / high-output units are compact and can be easily installed on new and legacy trains, metro trams, locomotives and other rolling stock to enhance passenger and driver comfort. To reduce development cost and lead time we have developed standard products that can be adapted to fit your application. Custom-made units are possible as well.

For our customer from Austria, our DC9300 has been converted to the model DC 9303 400VAC, which meets the following specifications:

  • Fire and smoke specification: BS 6853; DIN 5510; NF F 16-101; EN 45545
  • Vibration and shock: EN 61373:2010
  • EMC: EN 50121-3-2:2006; EN 55011:2007/A2; EN 61000-4-2/6
  • Standard for driver cab cooling: EN 14813
  • Designed and running voltage 400VAC
  • Built in heater of 1,500W

For more information, please contact DC Airco.