DAMM Mumbai

In 2010, the DAMM TetraFlex® solution delivered critical communication systems for two lines and 17 stations of the Mumbai Monorail.

Having proved its success with TetraFlex®, DAMM were chosen by the Western Railway in Mumbai in February 2014 to upgrade its current trunked communication system from Analogue to TETRA for the Churchgate – Virar Section of approximately 70 Km and 28 stations.

Mumbai is the most populous city in India, and has a severe need for alternate public transportation. The Western Railway has been accommodating approximately 4 Million passengers per day. However, even with the current 1300 runs each day, the Western Railway is the most overcrowded rail network in the world.

In 2007, the Mumbai Government decided to introduce Monorail and Metro in Mumbai. A communication system was chosen based on proven TETRA technology, the support of voice and data, and most importantly a scalable, future proof solution.

DAMM TetraFlex® had already proven its worth in Mumbai Monorail, delivering integrated solutions based on a true internet protocol (IP) backbone. A unique TETRA voice and data network was deployed utilising the intelligent IP-based world of critical radio and broadband communication with DAMM TetraFlex®. With customer requirements for easy deployment, integration to other sub systems, and multiple levels of redundancy, DAMM TetraFlex® was the chosen solution.

In February 2014, DAMM’s Partner in India, Consort Digital, won the contract for Western Railway. As an established TETRA system integrator, Consort Digital has extensive experience with the successful deployment of TETRA voice and data network for Mumbai Monorail.

The TETRA Network for Mumbai Monorail comprises 4 sites that provide reliable coverage over 19km. Network management and dispatching applications are provided at the operational control Centre. In addition to the standard voice communication by trains, controllers and supporting staff, integration to the wayside and onboard communication systems was a key requirement of the customer.

Flexible and versatile TetraFlex® API allows easy integration to the signalling system, public address system, passenger information system, help point system, and central voice recording system.

Consort Digital marketing director Devdarsh Jain said: "The main challenge in both cases is to secure a future-proof solution both financially and in terms of technology. DAMM TetraFlex® also provides an excellent interface for integration to other sub-systems, such as public announcement, passenger information and signalling system, which is a key requirement in public transportation.

"On the operational aspect, securing operational stability with multiple levels of redundancy, and meeting the challenge of less space for deployment, all points to a DAMM TetraFlex® solution."

DAMM TetraFlex® delivers the following features for public transportation in Mumbai:

  • Fully IP-based and distributed architecture provides flexibility and easy scalability
  • High redundancy and resilience
  • IP interfaces for easy integration
  • Comprehensive TetraFlex® API for easy integration to other sub systems
  • Smarter and efficient data-handling
  • Combination of indoor and outdoor radio sites
  • Control room applications for a complete solution
  • Group bridge for migration from analogue to digital and connectivity to other networks