Aqua Clean designed customised cleaning machines to meet the customer’s special requirements.

Our company offers a flexible production, which enables us to produce complex cleaning machines. Customised cleaning machines can either be a modification of a standard cleaning machine, or a completely custom-made machine.

Our programme includes four types of customised cleaning machines:

– Modified cabinet cleaning machine
– Customised cabinet cleaning machine
– Customised BRC cleaning machine
– Tunnel cleaning machine

Modified cabinet cleaning machines Standard cleaning machines can be equipped with fixtures that are adjusted for the customer’s components. With these fixtures, the customer is able to externally and internally clean for example railway bearing and their housings.

Customised cabinet cleaning machines

These cleaning machines are manufactured for components that, due to their weight and size, do not fit in a standard cleaning machine or because the customer’s cleaning system requires a custom-made alternative. The customised cabinet cleaning machines are used when cleaning bogies and wheelsets for railways, components for trucks, buses, airplanes etc.