With 10 Gigabit ethernet at the front and PCIe 3.0 via the backplane, with three separated DRAM channels and Freescale’s high-performance QorIQ processor, the new CompactPCI Serial SBC G52A comes with everything needed to convince in data and computing intensive applications.

Whether for data servers, mobile data centers or for building up virtual machines, with two 10GB ethernet via M12 connectors on the front and PCIe 3.0 with 4 lanes on the backplane the PowerPC-based G52A utilises the capacity of the QorIQ processor in full. It has by default 12 cores and up to 1.8 GHz, but can also be equipped with other multicore CPUs of the T4x family delivering four or eight cores.

Additionally, three separate banks in the DDR3 RAM enable a notably high data throughput from the memory to the CPU making the G52A the perfect centerpiece for data-hungry networking systems.

Safety functions are implemented using error-correcting code (ECC) for the RAM storage, a board management controller and a watchdog for the operating system.

While the G52A is prepared for conformal coating and can be equipped with a heat sink as well as embedded into a conductive cooling frame, all components are by default firmly soldered and guarantee shock and vibration resistance.

A guaranteed long-term availability of 15 years, the implementation on the state-of-the-art CompactPCI Serial standard, an open Linux platform and the robust characteristics of the G52A provide future-safety and reliability also for demanding environments.

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