Fire prevention

  • Railway hoses pass EN 45545-2 test
  • Comprehensive line of hoses for rail technology
  • New materials for air spring systems combine high fire resistance and good spring characteristics

Even before the new European fire safety standard EN 45545 comes into effect in 2016, ContiTech is working on products that will meet the new requirements.

In fact, ContiTech’s railway hoses have already passed the test for Europe’s new unified fire safety standard EN 45545-2. The standard includes very strict fire protection requirements and tests for materials and components: They have to pass tests for flame propagation under ISO 5658-2, heat emission according to ISO 5660-1 and smoke development and toxicity in the smoke chamber, according to ISO 5659-2.

High-performance hoses for modern rail transport

Using a comprehensive selection of premium railway hoses, ContiTech sets out to make passenger and freight transport safe and comfortable. The selection includes the rail brake hose, a flexible, robust compressed air hose for installation on cars, the coolant hose for heating and cooling systems, the cable protection hose for cars and locomotives, the tough waste water hose and hydraulic hoses 1TE / 2TE / 3TE. The railway hoses are made of high-quality rubber compounds based on state-of-the-art technology that meets national and international standards. They offer excellent reliability, safety, durability, flexibility and trouble-free handling.

ContiTech works as a development partner with its customers, drawing on its more than 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-performance hoses and other products adapted to specific applications. For instance, the AQUAPAL® DB has been tailored precisely to the needs of the rail industry.

This robust, flexible hose does not only comply with the regulations in the KTW ‘Pipe’ guidelines, DVGW-W270 and DVGW-VP 549, but also with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for hoses transporting drinking water. It has also been approved as a drinking water hose by the Deutsche Bahn rail system.

Air spring systems: High fire resistance and good spring properties

ContiTech is also adapting to fire protection standard EN 45545 in air spring systems. To do this, the company is using synergies from Continental Corporation and building on the expertise of other business units. To merge both product characteristics, ContiTech is currently working on various solutions.

"It’s our goal to achieve high flame resistance together with good spring properties," says Hubertus Gawinski, head of research and development at ContiTech Air Spring Systems.

"Now that we meet the demands of the new fire protection standard and at the same time the suspension characteristics of the air spring, we can achieve a product that provides both comfort and safety."

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