Over the past decade, Nencki has reached a leading position as a supplier for bogie test stands, with more than 70 machines being delivered. Nencki’s aim is to provide customers with the specific test bench to meet their needs.

To cover different requirements, Nencki offers the following four lines of bogie test stands:

  • NBT Loco is a powerful and flexible test bench with test loads up to 1200kN for two and three-axle bogies weighing up to 36 tonnes
  • NBT Coach is the bestselling model for two-axle bogies, mainly used by bogie manufacturers, high-speed and normal-speed railways, as well as urban transport, metro and tram workshops. The modular system can be equipped with up to 30 different test functions
  • Nencki is set to display its products at InnoTrans booth no. 124 in hall 23, such as the NBT Basic, a test rig that offers basic test functions (wheel loads, calculation of shim plates) on two and three-axle bogies. The machine is also equipped with the new DOW load cells
  • New in the range is the NBT Light, an economic test bench for small workshops, with a small number of bogie types and limited requirement of features testing

Since February 2012, DIN standard 25043-7 bogie testing has been effective. At the Nencki InnoTrans booth visitors can get information about the main points of this standard and what new functions will be necessary on bogie test stands.