Adif has awarded the consortium made up of Caf Signalling and Grupo Revenga the contract for the telecommunications and safety facilities of the Vigo and Sotomayor section on the high-speed Atlantic axis.

This award amounts to a total of €10.2 million, with 60% and 40% shares of CAF Signalling, and Revenga respectively. The contract relates to the corridor route between Vigo and Soutomaior (Pontevedra). The lead time for this work is a period of 11 months.

The 16km-long section, part of the high-speed Atlantic axis, will be fitted with signalling and communication systems for the stations of Vigo Urzáiz, Redondela Alta Velocidad and the Arcade stop, as well as the routes between these, and modifications associated with the energy, construction and remote control systems.

Operations include the installation of electronic interlocks at the new stations of Vigo Alta Velocidad and Redondela Alta Velocidad, both currently under construction, the laying of a new network of cables and the installation of lateral lighting signals, a communications system, the supply of power to the signalling and communications facilities, the integration of these operations in the centralised traffic control (CTC) of Orense, which is based on CAF Signalling technology, amongst other actions.

Considering this section is part of the High-Speed Atlantic Axis line, this is a particularly significant contract for CAF Signalling, as well as for this organisation’s parent company (CAF). This contract been regarded positively as it falls within the signalling division domain allowing for the accumulation of both experience and references with a view towards larger contracts.