Rail grinding is one of our core competences in Europe. Our modern track grinding trains remove corrugations and short waves, re-profile the running surface and running edges and derust rails prior to commencing operation. The advantages for our customers are mainly the reduction of rail wear, the lower noise emissions and the longer life cycle by lower maintenance costs.

Orgo-Thermit Inc. located in Manchester, New Jersey, analyzed the customer demand for grinding services in light rail areas and received a very positive feedback from the majority of the operators visited. Grinding with combined street / rail vehicles is a new market within the United States. That’s why it was decided to transfer a grinding machine from the Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice GmbH in Germany to the US for a trial period.

The first project was realized in Baltimore, Maryland in November 2012. The know-how of rail grinding was transferred successfully to the American colleagues. In December Orgo-Thermit grinded rails in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in January the grinding train was shipped to San Diego, California. Until now approximately 50 km of rails were already grinded and the next projects are already in sight.

The theme of Orgo-Thermit is: "Excellence, in everything that we do!" – which is completely right not only by evaluating this project.