The draft brochure is now ready for BWCS’ second train connectivity conference of the year Connectivity for CCTV and Rail Operations. The November event will examine the flipside of using wireless broadband services for passengers, using the connections to introduce cost-saving services for train operators.

BWCS CEO Graham Wilde says: "We are just beginning to see the real birth of these services. It is important for some CCTV services and for cost-saving applications to get the data off the trains quickly.

"However, it is then even more important that operators can do something clever and worthwhile with the data once it is downloaded. This conference will explore how this can be done and what the end results can be."

BWCS projects that the total value of benefits from train-based broadband services in Europe alone, including Wi-Fi access charges, revenues from passenger upgrades and modal shift increases, as well as operational savings, could reach €2.35bn by 2021.

The Connectivity for CCTV and Rail Operations Conference has already attracted train operators and suppliers from around the world. It is set to be the only conference to focus directly on the issues facing train companies, transport groups and rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and stations more secure, gain direct access to on-train CCTV images and develop new cost-saving systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of IP cameras and the growing wireless broadband connections.

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