At CeBIT from 5 to 9 March, KEYMILE will present multi-service access platform MileGate with new features. The platform is to provide broadband services that are fit for the future via optical fibre and VDSL2.

The company will also demonstrate its extensive range of solutions for exceptionally reliable and secure data transmission in dedicated networks belonging to railways and energy suppliers.

KEYMILE is a leading technology supplier of communications solutions in access and transmission systems. It will present new products and solutions for operators of public telecommunications networks and dedicated networks on stand D66 in hall 13.

In a live showcase visitors will discover the variety of applications multi-service access platform MileGate can be used in. The platform supports all broadband technologies that use copper wires or optical fibre. ADSL2plus and VDSL2 with vectoring are available as DSL technologies for example.

For optical fibre, MileGate offers connections for active Ethernet (GbE-P2P) and passive networks (GPON). MileGate supplies all services at a high level of port density and enables flexible and cost-efficient FTTx broadband expansion.

KEYMILE delivers not one but two vectoring solutions for its innovations. It provides a vectoring controller card and a VDSL2 card with integrated vectoring unit for multi-service access platform MileGate.

The vectoring controller card compensates crosstalk – the limiting factor for VDSL2 services. A vectoring controller card can connect up to four 48-port VDSL2 cards. Therefore, 192 VDSL2 ports are available with system-level vectoring. The card is designed for network operators who already offer VDSL2 services and want to equip it with vectoring. In this way, network operators can also integrate VDSL2 into their networks in two steps.

First of all they introduce just VDSL2 and add to it later on with vectoring. By contrast, the new integrated 96-port VDSL2/vectoring card combines both functions on one card. By connecting two cards, 192 VDSL2 ports with system-level vectoring can be offered here too. This vectoring solution is targeted at network operators who wish to connect new areas with VDSL2, equiped with vectoring. As a result, they can offer their customers reliable bandwidths of 100 Mbps from the outset.

KEYMILE is continuing to expand its broadband-access portfolio with the new GPON solution MileGate 2880 for data transmission in passive optical networks. MileGate 2880 is ideal for delivering broadband access, particularly in urban centres. With an 8-HU subrack, network operators can supply up to 4,096 subscribers. Alternatively, MileGate 2820 is a 2-HU subrack to connect up to 1,024 subscribers.

KEYMILE will present innovations to MileGate for use in dedicated networks at railways, authorities and utilities. Some of these innovations include flexible switching functions where all Ethernet systems are part of one modular switch. Combined with the variety of TDM functions, in dedicated networks MileGate enables SDH- and Ethernet solutions to be set up and both options to be supplied from one element at the same time.

Particularly in dedicated networks, demands for durability, safety and reliability are especially high. MileGate complies with these specifications by supplying diverse redundancy functions, high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) values and optional fanless operation.

At CeBIT KEYMILE will also showcase its UMUX and XMP1 system families. These data transmission systems primarily operate in energy suppliers’ and railway companies’ dedicated networks. The company will also show LineRunner SCADA NG, an SHDSL-/optical multi-drop transmission system that combines low and high bit-rate data transmission in a compact system.

The showcase will be rounded off with machine-to-machine solutions (M2M) for data exchange of decentralised components with one another, or with central systems via mobile phone networks for office equipment management, or GPS tracking of mobile units.