Kontron has been selected by Bombardier Transportation as a preferred technology supplier, and the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intent to work togetger in future product development and signalling projects.

Kontron and Bombardier have enjoyed a lengthy, enduring relationship with Bombardier, with the latter employing Kontron’s embedded computing technology since 1996 in numerous high-profile transportation and rail control systems, including for automated train cars and wayside rail projects deployed throughout the world.

Bombardier Transportation rail control solutions president Peter Cedervall said: "Bombardier continues to rely on Kontron for its proven, advanced platforms that allow us to more easily satisfy strict life-critical application requirements that demand long-term, high reliability operation in multiple rail environments.

"Kontron’s experience is essential in quickly delivering application-ready platforms based on standard COTS products to meet the changing requirements of our rail system applications.

"Further strengthening our excellent relationship, we look forward to continuing to work with Kontron on our near-term rolling stock and wayside train control equipment projects."

Defence business unit avionics executive vice-president Eric Siverston said: "Kontron’s extended history of superior support to Bombardier is based on both companies’ close cooperation and mutual understanding in solving key market challenges.

"A valuable resource for Bombardier, Kontron is able to leverage its extensive expertise in life-critical and high availability products, including hardware, firmware, safety-critical operating systems and system health management, to tailor solutions to Bombardier requirements in record time allowing them to meet deployment goals."

"Kontron is honored to be Bombardier’s strategic partner in supplying technologies that will continue adding competitive value to their rail control, infotainment and train management system applications."