Bogie Turntables
Vector has designed and installed a number of bogie turntables to assist with the flow of maintenance within train maintenance facilities, with bogie turntables included in Craigieburn Train Maintenance Facility (x2), Dry Creek Maintenance Facility, Westall Train Maintenance Facility, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Nowergup.

The bogie turntables increase the flow of maintenance work within the facility reducing the handling of the bogies from when they are removed from the trains to the maintenance area. The Turntable is used for redirecting the bogies between the work line and service lines for maintenance, once they have been removed from the wagons.

The Turntable can be furnished with two set of rails, which align with the workshop main rails for both standard gauge and narrow gauge. The whole top surface of the Turntable is trafficable and is flush with the workshop floor. The Turntable rotates on a central pivot and a Locating Latch (Lock Arm) is provided for locking and aligning the rails of the bogie turntable with the rails.

The standard turntable is rated at 7.5 tonnes for rotation of bogies and allows for 50 tonne rollovers capacity. The turntable stops at each 90° and can be rotated both clockwise and counter clockwise via motorised or manual rotation. Vector Lifting will design to any specification to suit the end users requirements.