Launched in 2012, Powernet new ADC9000 series design platform covers the power supplies and battery chargers from 500W-3,200W with rail approvals according to EN50155. Final products will be optimised in co-operation with our customers. This is a perfect combination of the latest design knowledge and the individual needs of each customer.

The ADC9000 series has been co-developed mainly with key accounts in the rail industry and Powernet now also targets applications not only requiring rail approval, but also demanding industrial applications, including marine and military. The first overviews of the product portfolio capabilities can be found on Powernet’s website as of today.

The ADC9000-series has been well received in the rail industry, which is known to be conservative with long lifecycles. It is obvious that the light weight, compact ADC9000 designs brings welcomed space savings as well significant savings in energy over lifetime to the train manufacturers and operators.

"These are good drivers to develop the Power Supply architecture of most industries. Thanks to our flexible design platforms Powernet has the ability to develop customer optimised products in a few months timeframe," says Harry Lilja, VP Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy.