An Innovative Power Conversion DC-DC Module that was awarded at the renowned Elektra event for ‘power systems of the year category’, will be the highlight of Turbo Power Systems’ (TPS) presence Railtex 2017.

This high-voltage DC-DC 100kW power converter module is the next-gen product for the Railway Industry. It will provide stable and isolated DC output for power conversion and isolation on-board rail vehicles. Other applications include power distribution as a means of galvanic isolation or as a solid state transformer (SST). This module is available in a standalone enclosure or a chassis version to be integrated as a module into the propulsion and auxiliary systems.

Compared to legacy designs, this module will be lighter and compact with reduced losses thereby contributing to a greener use of energy. Its design will meet key industry requirements from being electrically / mechanically robust, highly efficient, compact and lighter in weight. Like all TPS products, this module can be tailored to the customer’s requirements. Different versions will be available that cover various input voltages, cooling arrangements and power/voltage outputs.

TPS will also highlight their renowned auxiliary power supply (APS) for monorail and at seat power supply (ASPs) for diesel multiple units (DMU’s). Their APS for Monorail systems is successfully running in Sao Paolo and Saudi Arabia, and their ASPs product line are operating in over 1,200 trains in the UK.

You can visit TPS at Railtex 9-11 May at Stand E34.