Austrak continues to grow in global reach and reputation, with work commencing on its first factory outside of Australia. Based in Dubai, this latest factory will be the twelfth built by Austrak since their inception 30 years ago.

The factory will enable Austrak to offer better service to new and existing clients in the Middle East and Africa, boosting Austrak’s reputation as a world-class producer of sleepers. The factory will also supplement production in Australia when local factories are at capacity.

Austrak’s Dubai factory will begin production in January 2012 and its first job will be to produce two-thirds of the sleepers for a project in Western Australia’s rugged and remote Pilbara region.

This will supplement Austrak’s Port Hedland factory, which will supply the remaining third of the 440,000 sleeper requirement. Delivery of all the sleepers is due by October 2012 and while timing for the project is tight, Austrak has successfully delivered in the past and is currently on schedule.

Jefferson Fern, business manager international said the Dubai factory was a major advance for Austrak. "This new factory signals a new era for Austrak," Jefferson said.

"We are now truly a global provider, able to compete and win business internationally. The new factory is being dubbed a mega factory as its capacity will be 1.4 million sleepers annually – almost double the capacity of our current largest facility."

Jefferson said the Dubai factory would include the latest evolution of design with all of the current systems and technology found in Austrak’s Australian factories.

"It will be an Austrak factory producing Austrak quality sleepers. For our clients it offers them an alternative sleeper delivery solution from a reliable source."

Due to Austrak’s growth, international enquiries will now be handled in-house by Jefferson, rather than via an agent.

Jefferson, who was recently appointed to manage international business, will be happy to respond to your enquiry directly. Please contact Jefferson via or via the contact form on this site.