ENSCO Rail Australia (ENSCO) exhibited its autonomous track inspection systems, machine vision, track asset management and maintenance planning, and track inspection systems and services in Booth 434 at AusRAIL 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, from 24-26 November 2015.

More than 45 years of railway engineering experience and a global footprint ensures ENSCO customers will receive the best possible measurement technology and technical support available. ENSCO’s track measurement systems are based on a modular approach and scalable architecture to support a variety of measurement and imaging systems on a track recording vehicle, resulting in optimised productivity.

Based on a long history of accurate and dependable traditional track geometry systems, ENSCO’s Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System (ATGMS) offers a reliable unmanned inspection system, providing reports on geometry conditions, including gage, crosslevel, alignment, surface and profile, and limiting speeds in curves. Requiring no operating crew and making frequent track evaluations that contribute to track maintenance planning, operation of the ATGMS results in lower costs for a railway.

ENSCO’s expertise with high-resolution camera systems and advanced machine-vision processing algorithms results in systems with reliable image acquisition and processing capabilities. This focus on imaging systems has been applied to the inspection of a range of track components, including joint bars (fish plates), ties, fasteners, rail heads, overhead wire, as well as track right-of-way. All ENSCO imaging systems can operate either day or night to reduce operational interruptions and cost.

ENSCO’s suite of asset management products streamlines collection tasks and creates uniform data storage, reducing man-hours and allowing smoother operation and maintenance efforts. The asset management products work together to provide real-time knowledge from the condition of the track to the location of a rail car. These products make maintenance more efficient, operations safer, and increase the bottom line through reliable data management.

With an established presence in Australia, ENSCO Rail Australia was eager to share its technologies and systems at AusRail 2015 to improve safety and reduce cost for the world’s sixth largest rail network.