Advanced Sensors Calibration (ASC), the leading manufacturer of accelerometers, gyros and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units), is continuing its success story.

The company, based in Pfaffenhofen, is opening its first subsidiary in Brazil in late January 2015, has appointed Jürgen Thiel the new Sales Director worldwide, has won over Thomas Kühne as the new sales engineer for the DACH region and in addition, was awarded the ‘Company of the Year Award’ in December 2014 by Frost & Sullivan for the high quality and performance of its products, as well as the clear focus on customer requirements.

New office in Brazil

In late January 2015, ASC is opening its first branch office in South America, namely in Brazil. With this, the company is satisfying the growing demand from the up-and-coming Brazilian and South American markets for capacitive and piezoresistive accelerometers.

"Quite a few well-known automotive manufacturers have opened new production sites in Brazil or are planning to open new ones. We therefore anticipate increased demand in particular for piezoresistive sensors used in crash tests and capacitive sensors deployed for a range of applications in the structural durability sector, since automobiles manufactured in Brazil must by law also be tested locally," says Renate Bay, Managing Partner of ASC.

"With our new subsidiary in Brazil, we are ensuring we are close to our customers and their requirements, and we can offer them locally the first-class service to which they are accustomed."

Jürgen Thiel is managing director of ASC Brazil and director of worldwide sales

Jürgen Thiel is the founder and managing director of ASC’s Brazilian subsidiary. At the same time he holds the position of director of worldwide sales for ASC.

Jürgen Thiel has more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in the IT and semi-conductor industry. In addition, he was a member of Intel’s European management for seven years. In July 2013, he started building up ASC’s marketing in Brazil on a freelance basis.

"We are glad that we were able to gain with Mr Thiel such an experienced marketing expert as managing director of the new Brazil subsidiary," Renate Bay says.

"With his in-depth insights into the Brazilian market, his wide-ranging experience in setting up marketing structures in new markets and – not least – his fluent command of the national language, he will help us to continue to expand our local customer base."

Thomas Kühne named new sales engineer at ASC

Since early January 2015 Thomas Kühne has been working as the new Sales Engineer at ASC in Pfaffenhofen. Kühne’s task is to continue to ensure high-quality support of existing customers and, beyond that, further strengthen and develop sales in the DACH region, particularly in the wind power and rail technology sectors. Kühne comes to us from the Swiss sensor manufacturer Kistler, where for twelve years he was responsible for Asia and Europe as project and account manager

Distinction from Frost & Sullivan

Based on their analysis of the market for accelerometers and gyros for the railway sector, the consulting company Frost & Sullivan awarded ASC the ‘2014 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award’ in December 2014. According to Frost & Sullivan, ASC received the distinction for the advanced technology of its products, their high level of service quality, the continuous expansion of the product portfolio and expansion into other markets, and the associated proximity to customers.

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