ContiTech Railway Engineering is showcasing its products at the APTA EXPO 2011 in New Orleans, US. The manufacturer of suspension systems for rail vehicles is displaying its products at booth 4823 together with ITT Koni-Enidine, its sales partner for the US, Canada and Mexico. Alongside air springs used in current projects, different types of MEGI®-brand hydro springs, leaf and conical springs, bushings and buffers will also be on show to the trade public.

With its ultra-modern solutions, ContiTech is one of the leading companies supplying rail vehicle suspension systems. Among other things, the railway engineering business unit of ContiTech delivers tailor-made air spring systems for the high-speed sector worldwide. Highly prestigious trains like the CRH380c (China), the CRTL (London – Eurotunnel) and the TGV (France), as well as the AVE (Spain, Russia, etc.) and the KTX2 (Korea) are riding the rails using technology from ContiTech. In addition, ContiTech is also represented worldwide in low-floor streetcars, magnetic levitation trains and regional trains with its air spring systems, as well as with rubber-metal bonded components marketed under the MEGI brand.

As a development partner and manufacturer for original equipment, ContiTech develops complete suspension concepts and system solutions for primary and secondary suspension systems. By using high-quality materials and material combinations, the company is able to satisfy the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, comfort, speed and vehicle noise reduction while upping the economic efficiency of freight and passenger transport. The weight of a suspension system is also a crucial factor: ContiTech develops components made from aluminium that are as much as 40% lighter than conventional steel parts – completely in line with the current trend to energy efficiency. Lighter trains mean a greater payload can be transported and less energy is required for empty runs.

ContiTech’s tight sales network guarantees operators of rail vehicles fast help if problems should crop up in the suspension area. Whether in the US, England or India, ContiTech engineers fast-track it to any train to eliminate damage to rail vehicle suspension systems or to lend a hand with servicing. "We’re the only ones in the rail vehicle suspension sector able to offer this kind of immediate help worldwide. We are able to do so thanks to our many service providers," notes Friedrich Hoppmann, head of the ContiTech Railway Engineering segment.