• Versatile product line shows ContiTech’s prowess in the rail vehicle industry
  • Newly developed air springs increase service life at extreme operating temperatures
  • Railway hoses pass EN 45545-2 test

From spring systems and bellows materials for rail vehicles to hoses for rail operation: ContiTech is an experienced partner to the rail vehicle industry, offering innovative rubber and plastic products that meet the highest standards. With the guiding principle ‘engineering next level’, ContiTech is tailored to the increasing requirements of its rail industry customers. At the 2014 APTA Expo in Houston, Texas, US, the company will present its latest products and solutions at booth 2961.

ContiTech air springs and suspension systems increase comfort and safety in metro trains, trams, and high-speed trains. In this way, they make eco-friendly rail travel even more attractive to passengers. At the same time, they help reduce noise pollution in cities and congested areas.

With many years of expertise in materials and development, ContiTech is known for its product quality. ContiTech Railway Engineering, in Hanover, Germany, can make this claim as operator of the world’s only accredited testing lab for air spring systems in rail vehicles. Twelve testing procedures that are important to the rail industry have DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 certification. With ISO 9001, TS 16949 and IRIS certification, the testing lab has been meeting the most exacting requirements for years.

The air springs therefore provide a long service life even under the toughest conditions. This also applies to the replacement business: Megi® springs and air spring systems help rail vehicles remain in use for a long time and as a result, improve the sustainability of rail transport.

High-performance hoses for modern rail transport

ContiTech also produces premium railway hoses that help make passenger and freight transport safe and comfortable on the rails. The selection includes a rail brake hose, a flexible, robust compressed air hose for installation on cars, a coolant hose for heating and cooling systems, a cable protection hose for cars and locomotives, a tough wastewater hose and hydraulic hoses 1TE / 2TE / 3TE.

The railway hoses are made of high-quality rubber compounds based on state-of-the-art technology that meets national and international standards. They offer excellent reliability, safety, durability, flexibility and trouble-free handling. ContiTech works with its customers as a development partner, drawing on its 100 years of experience developing and manufacturing high-performance hoses and other products adapted to specific applications.

The AQUAPAL® DB, for instance, has been tailored precisely to the needs of the rail industry. This means that the robust, flexible hose not only complies with the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ‘pipes’ guideline for plastics used for drinking water, DVGW-W270 and DVGW-VP 549 for transport of drinking water, but has also been approved as a potable water hose by the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn AG.

Test for strict European fire protection standard – passed!

ContiTech’s railway hoses meet the new European fire protection standard EN 45545-2. It includes very strict fire protection requirements and tests for materials and components: the railway hoses have to pass tests for flame propagation under ISO 5658-2, heat emission according to ISO 5660-1 and smoke development and toxicity in the smoke chamber per ISO 5659-2.

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