The precise measurement of rails has now become simpler. TheAppGuys has developed an app especially tailored to meet the needs of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group which can be used to control RAILSTRAIGHT precision measuring devices for measuring straightness and corrugations in rails and rail joints on-site via smartphones.

Goldschmidt Thermit Group head of special projects Stefan Damm said: "This new app adds substantial value to our RAILSTRAIGHT products. The intelligent control unit considerably improves operability and can also be used on all Android smartphones. This means that our customers are not forced to buy a certain terminal to control the device. Instead the measurement technicians can install the app on their own smartphone for a cost-effective solution."

During the development of the RAILSTRAIGHT app, TheAppGuys team worked closely together with experts from the Goldschmidt Thermit Group and users of the products. This resulted in a practical app which is perfectly suited to use in the field. The app can be used to control RAILSTRAIGHT precision measuring devices. In addition, the app allows measurement of the rail temperature via an external measuring device which can be connected by bluetooth.

The measured values are shown as an interactive graphic, comprehensively analysed and automatically listed in a PDF file. The file can be transferred by email or saved to an SD memory card. TheAppGuys team worked with Halbe Treppe design agency from Halle to create the in-app help function and the RAILSTRAIGHT manual. The app will be available worldwide in seven language versions.

TheAppGuys managing director Christoph Henkelmann said: "User-friendliness was the priority for this project right from the start. The user navigation was developed in close cooperation with customers and users and tests were made early on with prototypes. This was how we were able to realise the design and technical features. The result is an app which is easy to handle and very practical to use in the field."