Lat-Lon LLC, a leading provider of industrial tracking and monitoring solutions, announced it has an app available for Android and Apple devices. This fleet management tool is compatible with IPhone, IPod, IPad, and most Android 2.2 and newer operating systems.

The Lat-Lon app can be used by existing Lat-Lon product owners and website users that have hardware to track industrial assets, including: Railcars, Locomotives, Trailers, Containers, and Heavy Equipment. Frequently monitoring critical information about equipment or shipped goods, the units are able to report location, temperature, pressure, humidity, run status, and more.

All of the data reported from hardware can be customized in the Administrative Online Tool to generate tailored messages for view in the app. Retrieve information remotely with the added feature of proximity and direction from the internal GPS of the mobile device in use. Using the same login and password as from a desktop, the app currently has 4 features available to users.

Four Features Enable Users To:

  • View Messages – See the details of what is occurring with customized data from devices
  • Determine Which Units Are Nearby – Set your radius from settings in the app and see any of your units in range
  • View Alerts – narrow down information to only those units reporting Impacts, Temperature Alerts, Security Issues, Geo-Fence Alarms or other warnings
  • Navigate To A Specific Unit – Choose one of your units and instantly know the distance, and direction from the last message transmitted. Complete with a virtual compass, this feature makes retrieving units quick and easy