Ansaldo STS’s scope of work, as leader of the consortium, includes the supply of CBTC (communication-based train control) technology and all the electromechanical systems (power supply, telecommunication, platform screen doors, automatic fare collection, SCADA and depot equipment), for an equivalent value of €219.8m (VAT excluded).

The CBTC solution is leading a new era of rail transit control, enhancing flexibility, reducing maintenance costs and improving interoperability.

Hitachi’s scope of work includes design and manufacture of metro rail transit train cars which consists of 29 two-car trains, total of 58 cars.

For NTCG DORTS, this turnkey project combines civil, E&M (electro-mechanic) works and rolling stock. It is the first medium-capacity Metro to be constructed and managed by New Taipei City.

The total length of Sanying Line is 14.29 km with 12 elevated stations and one depot. With fully elevated station design, the line route starts from MRT Blue Line Dingpu station in Tucheng, passing through Sanxia to Yingge.

As part of the ‘3-rings-3-lines’ project, Sanying Line will enter construction stage in the second half of 2016 and aim for completion in 2023, providing citizens of New Taipei City with a convenient and safe mass transportation system.