Advantech, a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platform solutions across multiple vertical markets, is pleased to announce Advantech Design to Order Services (System DTOS). Advantech DTOS is a design service which provides tailor-made systems and boards to meet specific application requirements through advanced, innovative and world-leading technologies, diverse levels of customization, flexibility of manufacture, and global technical and logistical support.

Advantech DTOS offers clients the advantages of faster project development, lower risk, and the assurance of working with a trusted global leader for win-win solutions. With strict project workflow, integrated infrastructure, and highly proficient project development, we promise each of our customers a quality and speedy 30-day turnaround in design-to-order services.

DTOS – four steps to success

Advantech DTOS features a four-step operating procedure consisting of customization, integration, validation and certification. We offer cosmetic, mechanical and system customization that enables clients to adjust chassis depth, color, and logo placement to meet their specific needs. We also offer integrated operating system development, and complete system assembly as well as providing ongoing professional project management.

In addition, before each system is delivered to a customer, Advantech will perform a variety of validation tests. For example, an international protection or HALT test ensures the long-term reliability and stability of a system built based on Advantech’s intelligent system design. Also, to benefit our clients to the fullest, we assist partners in acquiring worldwide certifications that cater to the demands of the global market.

Engineering, expertise, super-quick feedback

The Advantech DTOS team is composed of engineering experts with decades of experience from diverse and dynamic backgrounds. As a result of our expertise, our professional team is able to confirm RFQ feedback within 48 hours, and build a system to order at a fast pace. What’s more, Advantech has four world-class, full-range manufacturing centers to maintain precise quality control, and offer cost-effective, timely production. To help our customers and keep their businesses competitive, Advantech promises to build, validate and deliver a certified system within 30 days. This helps our customers pioneer market solutions and maintain a competitive advantage.

Advantech system DTOS is committed to delivering, within 30 days, the right system with the right specifications to meet customer needs. For more information about Advantech DTOS, please contact us or visit our website.

DTOS key features:

  • Quickly confirm specifications and timely feedback
  • Fast sample delivery
  • Comprehensive design and verification
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • More than 100 successful stories