DC Airco

DC Airco has introduced high-efficiency AC or DC-powered chillers for cooling batteries of electric vehicles, such as locomotives, trains, buses, people movers, trucks, POD, defence, hybrid vehicles (HEV) (PHEV), electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

Our rugged high-performance and low-consumption chillers are available in 400VAC and 400VDC and designed to cool batteries of battery-powered vehicles under heavy-duty conditions. Maintaining the battery temperature is mandatory to maximise its life spend and characteristics.

The PLC controller delivers performance in terms of connectivity, scalability and user interface as well as straightforward programming, maintenance and servicing. It is ideal for fast and easy customisation for vehicles such as HEVs / PHEVs, EVs and FCVs.

The self-contained box consists of a condenser and evaporator, a highly efficient slow starting compressor, and the electronic control box. The water pump is not part of the standard supply.

Our chillers take the excess heat out of the glycol water mixture cooling the batteries and bring that heat into air (water to air chiller).