The world’s first stop switch with a mounting depth of less than 19mm has been developed by EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces.

The new series 51 stop switch utilises a monoblock design with a built in contact block to set a new lower standard for industry. This not only reduces the behind-panel depth, it actually protects it from damage caused by heavy-handed use during an emergency shutdown or panic situation. The design has been tested beyond 100,000 actuations so it’s a genuine fit-and-forget product.

The series 51 is a universal stop switch which can be adapted to almost any type of application, but is particularly suitable for handheld remote controls, narrow control panels and newer electronic applications where behind-panel space is restricted.

The front is dust and watertight to IP65, making it suitable for use in dirty environments where there’s a risk of spraying water. EAO offers a protective shroud to help prevent unintentional use and damage from heavy falling objects.

It is compatible with operating voltages from 10µA / 100µV up to 250V / 5A, and there is a choice of connections including solder / plug-in, solder, or universal (plug-in, solder, PCB). The single piece design is easier and less time consuming to mount than switches with separate contact blocks.