Darmstadt, Germany – HBM’s latest, compact P3IC-series of pressure transducers are ideal for measuring static and dynamic pressures with measuring ranges from 10bar to 3,000bar.

The transducers feature a measuring body finished from a continuous piece of steel with no welded seams, making them highly suitable for general industrial applications.
The P3IC pressure transducer provides excellent precision and durability and is available in high accuracy classes from 0.1 to 0.2.

Industrial-class pressure transducers in the range are available with either standard M12 connection techniques (as for the P3ICP version) or with fixed cable (as in the standard P3IC version). Compensation for the effect of residual external temperature errors is achieved by using the integrated PT100 temperature sensor.

The transducer can optionally be operated in a six-wire circuit which gives additional signal transmission security over long cable lengths. The P3IC series supports the technical transducer data sheet (TEDS) format that stores all the essential transducer data, making it possible to greatly reduce the amount of time and expense required to configure a measurement system.