Airex Composite Structures FRP front ends fulfil already today the requirements of the new European Fire Safety Standard EN 45545 level HL2.

To protect human and material with state of the art technology, Airex Composite Structures is the frontrunner in developing new products in close cooperation with leading raw materials manufacturer.

HL2 defines the front end requirements for single – as well as double-decker solutions driving through tunnels with (long) evacuation possibilities.

Airex Composite Structures FRP front ends already today fulfil this high requirement (HL2) after another intense period of tests.

Per date every country has its local fire safety specifications for the railway industry. These are being supplemented by the new European Fire Safety Standard EN 45545. The draft of this new norm is currently in the European Commission for approval and is expected to become obligatory in 2011.

EN 45545 regulates all fire safety aspects for railway vehicles and defines three requirement levels (Hazard Level), depending on the type and the area of operations, whereas HL3 stands for the highest level.

With its innovative ideology, Airex Composite Structures strengthens its competences and position in the railway market.