After FOGTEC Rail Systems equipped 13 local traffic trains of the ATR220 type with fire protection systems during the past two years, another 10 units for final stationing in the Italian region of Bari, eight three-car sets for Ferrovie Emilia Romagna and two two-car train units for northern Italy will also be realised.

Fire detection in the passenger compartments will be realised using the smoke detector series 9000 established in the Stadler Flirt projects. Adapted linear detection systems of the 1000 series will be integrated into the smoke detectors via special interfaces.

The fully automatic fire suppression will be performed using the FOGTEC high-pressure water mist technology, with the modular pre-assembled carrier units arranged in a space-saving manner on the roof according to the “plug-and-play” principle.

After having taken the first steps in the past few years, PESA is now securing for itself an increasing share of the Italian rail traffic market.