HEINE Resistors is one of the worldwide leading companies in the design and production of power and control resistors for railway and industrial application. The company provides a complete range of wire-wound, aluminium enclosed, ribbon and plate resistors in natural convection or forced air cooling.

The roots of the company date back in 1904, when HEINE started production of special high precision resistors for optical and military applications. Under the passionate impulse of Dr. Riedel, the company developed along the decades, was then state-lized during DDR times and reprivatised in 1992.

Since then, with the additional leadership of the Maurer family, it has further developed internationalized, founding its fully owned Chinese subsidiary HEINE Resistors Suzhou in 2005. The company employs today around 80 people (including China operations) and has a sales volume of approximately €10m.

HEINE will continue its activities under the leadership of its managing directors Clemens Maurer and Detlef Vier, and their entire team. Synergies and leverages allowed by the Microelettrica organisation will be gradually made use of to the advantage of both companies.

With this acquisition Microelettrica completes its range of resistor products and strengthens the market presence in the resistor business overall, which will globally exceed €30m sales in 2011.

The Microelettrica Group (a member of the German Knorr Bremse Group) with eight manufacturing sites, counts today over 400 employees and will consolidate in 2011 over €80m sales.