Esterel Technologies SCADE Suite Timing Verifier™ and SCADE Suite Stack Verifier™, powered by AbsInt’s aiT and StackAnalyzer tools, provide worst case execution timing (WCET) and stack usage analysis at the SCADE Suite™ model level.

Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based solutions for the development of critical embedded software, and AbsInt, the leading worldwide provider of timing and stack usage analysis solutions today announced news of an OEM agreement between Esterel Technologies and AbsInt. As a result of the agreement, Esterel Technologies will recast AbsInt’s aiT and StackAnalyzer products as SCADE Suite Timing Verifier™ and SCADE Suite Stack Verifier™ under the SCADE® family of products. As a result, SCADE Suite will be the first model-based critical software development solution to offer intrinsic stack usage analysis and worst case execution time analysis. These technologies have become invaluable to the developers of critical embedded systems and software. In terms of cost efficiency, quality, and safety, developers can no longer rely purely on manual methods for examining stack usage and timing properties of their applications.

The AbsInt products have been tightly integrated into the SCADE Suite product line, therefore offering a seamless workflow from model-based design through implementation, including stack and timing verification. SCADE Suite Timing Verifier and SCADE Suite Stack Verifier directly analyze the binary executables and account for the cache and pipeline behavior of the specific processor. This verification technology is available for a variety of processors such as PowerPC, ARM, and C16x. SCADE is the only model-based development solution to offer DO-178B qualified C code generation up to level A, certified IEC 61508 C code generation up to SIL 3 and certified EN 50128 C code generation up to SIL 3/4.

With this OEM agreement between Esterel Technologies and AbsInt, the critical embedded software developer now has a one-stop provider in Esterel Technologies for model-based development, deployment, and verification. The coupling of Esterel SCADE Suite with AbsInt’s aiT and StackAnalyzer products provides optimal feedback on the run-time performance and memory usage of the system by reporting the WCET and stack usage of each design element, at the model level. By raising the level of abstraction with model-based development and these breakthrough analysis capabilities, embedded software developers can quickly identify and eliminate potential performance bottlenecks and design flaws early in the development cycle.

The integrated solution will be delivered within SCADE Suite 6.1, scheduled for release in Q4/2008. Esterel Technologies and AbsInt have cooperated on the partnership and integration in the framework of the INTEREST FP6 European R&D project.

“The OEM agreement we have with Esterel Technologies will enable more real-time embedded developers to experience the value, both in terms of quality and productivity, of our stack and timing verification tools in the development of their safety-critical applications,” said Christian Ferdinand, AbsInt’s CEO.

“We are very excited to offer these capabilities to our customers as an integral part of our SCADE family of products. The feedback we have received regarding the integration validates our belief that this is truly a breakthrough technology with model-based development for critical applications,” said Eric Bantegnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies.”