Faiveley Transport Australia today concluded a deal to deliver enhanced PIS, CCTV and door upgrade solutions to trains maintained by Bombardier Australia at their Adelaide maintenance facility.

The contract, which is worth more than A$7 million Australian dollars over the next three years, will see Faiveley Transport Australia design, develop and deliver cutting edge technical solutions for PIS and CCTV equipment for installation on to an existing fleet of trains. The project also brings together Faiveley Transport technology expertise from across several fields, combining know-how in electronics, passenger door systems and engineering services in upgrades to deliver a new control system for the train passenger doors.

The contract was ceremonially signed by Dan Osborne, managing director of Bombardier Australia and Pierre Sainfort, group chief operating officer of Faiveley Transport, at the opening of Faiveley Transport Australia’s new offices in Port Melbourne. The project will be managed by the team at the Port Melbourne site, which will also provide system design and integration expertise for the project.