Eurotech, Inc., the US-based subsidiary of Eurotech Spa, today announced a new strategic focus on the transportation industry. Eurotech, Inc. assumes responsibility for the US transportation market and assimilates all the experience accumulated so far by its sister subsidiary, Parvus. The transition allows Eurotech, Inc. to place a strategic focus on the transportation market, while Parvus enhances the focus on its core markets, defense and homeland security.

“With this transition of the transportation market products and responsibility from Parvus to Eurotech, Inc., both organizations will make the more cost-effective use of resources to serve important and growing markets,” explains Greg Nicoloso, CEO of Eurotech, Inc. “Eurotech, Inc., with many existing transportation customers, now sharpens its focus on this market, and will leverage existing relationships with transportation authorities, dealers and installers to expand this segment and meet the needs of forward-thinking agencies and suppliers.”

“Both Parvus and Eurotech, Inc. have a strong customer list in the transportation industry, and we are looking forward to Eurotech, Inc. presenting innovative product offerings to that growing list” says Les Goodman, president of Parvus. “As Eurotech, Inc. hones in on transportation, Parvus continues to succeed in the defense and homeland security industries with a spotlight on the unique opportunities in these areas.”

Eurotech, Inc.’s new comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes off the shelf and custom, architected systems for internet access, fleet management, passenger counting, video surveillance, and controller applications for fleet and rail systems. Leading systems such as RiderNet, DuraMAR and DuraCOR are tangible examples of what can be provided to customers in the transportation industry.

Eurotech, Inc.’s enhanced strategic focus on the transportation industry fits perfectly with the historical presence of the corporate parent, Eurotech Spa, in that market segment. In fact, Eurotech as a group also has vast experience in the transportation market across Europe, with ruggedized systems for communications, control, and real time tracking of rail and vehicle assets. In a sort of virtuous cycle, Eurotech, Inc. will both benefit from and contribute to Eurotech brand reputation in the transportation industry worldwide.