Darmstadt – The new 5.1 release of HBM’s nCode Automation provides a higher level of flexibility for engineers needing to interrogate and learn from their test data. The release offers a complete environment for engineering data storage, analysis and reporting that features new extensible solutions to drive collaboration and inform decisionmaking.

A new characteristic values capability allows users to tag data with additional information that can be used for searching, trending and reporting. These characteristic values can be calculated using analysis routines that can be added by end-users. Calculations are very flexible and even allow retrospective analyses to be performed on existing stored data. This enables users to examine all aspects of the measured data for greater understanding of its dynamics.

Version 5.1 includes Workgroup, an easy to deploy and cost-effective system for a single group or department. Easily installed, Workgroup provides an immediate off-the-shelf solution to start managing and learning from measured data. The larger Enterprise edition integrates with Oracle® and IBM WebSphere® products to provide a corporate solution that allows secure global data access via the Internet.

For example, a major engine oil additives company uses nCode Automation to share engineering data gathered from test vehicle sites around the world. After receiving the wireless uploads, nCode Automation stores this data by vehicle and date of measurement. User-configured analysis and reports can then enable engineers to rapidly observe trends and learn how their products are performing in real world usage. Current automation clients include leading OEMs and suppliers from aerospace and automotive industries worldwide.

“Maximizing the value of test data continues to be a challenge for many engineering departments. When collaboration is required between companies or across the globe, these problems are compounded,” stated Jon Aldred, product manager for nCode products. “This latest release provides a level of flexibility in how engineers can learn from their data that we believe is unparalleled in any other off-the-shelf product.”