One of the largest global manufacturers of railway wheels, Interpipe, has presented its wheel brand KLW to the 10th International Conference of the Association of Heavy-Load Transport, which took place on 19-22 June in Calgary, Canada. The Association of Heavy-Load Transport (INNA) is the authoritative international organisation in the sector. There are 11 railway organization members of INNA, which represents regions where heavy railway transport is developed.

“Today, the global trend of the heavy-load transport industry is load increase on the axle of the railway vehicle. The industry development towards load increase requires new types of railway vehicle parts with an extended operating life cycle and lower life cycle costs because of this, the design and properties of railway wheels play a significant role,” according to Michael Iskov, director of railway wheels sales at Interpipe. “Today KLW has experience in the production of railway wheels with axle load over 25-tons. At the conference, we presented the joint developments of Interpipe’s NTRP and of the Iron and Steel Institute.”

As part of an exhibition that was held in parallel with the conference, Interpipe delivered a presentation of its plans for the 17th International Wheelset Congress, which will be held in 2013 in Ukraine.